There is only ONE WEEK left to submit you proposal for a Workshop at our Conference.

If you need a Presenter's Form, please CLICK and complete. Then just email  the form to us.

We will be posting the Workshop Summaries and presenter information online.

Check back often for updates.
We are delighted to confirm that Diane Klassen will be presenting an "Aboriginal Math Links--Hands-On Activities for Grades 4-6" Workshop at the A.C.E. Conference, Thursday, February 6, 2014!

Stop by again to see more workshops being posted.
Going to hear the information about Higher Education for Indigenous People at U of W, Wesley Hall this afternoon and tomorrow. Will keep you posted on the conversation.

Jacqueline's Keynote address was amazing!She spoke not only of literacy...40% of Manitobans do not have even a Level 3 benchmark [Grade 12].

But she also spoke of Health Literacy--the lack of which leaves people vulnerable in a healthcare setting; unable to read and comprehend medical forms and consent. To say nothing of legal literacy....

The statistics are amazing...if you know someone in that 40%...

  • they are likely to earn less than $27,000 annually
  • they are more likely to be unemployed--60% compared to 4% of the top 20%
  • they are more likely to have been involved in the justice system, both as a victim and a perpetrator 
  • they will live on average 17 years less the the average lifespan
Sobering numbers for those less literate

Breakfast with Bookmates is
October 9, 2021

Come out and hear Jacqueline St. Hill

We are looking forward to TiBert La Voyeur's workshop at the 2014 Conference.

Stay tuned for more Conference updates and the workshop information

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There are a few more slots left for the 2014 Conference!

Thursday's focus is on Traditional and Elder Teachings.

We would love to have a Sundance or a Medicine Wheel teaching this year. If you know of a presenter you feel may be interested in presenting a workshop, please let them know or send a Presenter Package to them.

Friday's focus is innovative and sustainable programming. There maybe a slot or two available. If you know of a program you'd like to see promoted, please forward a Presenter Package to the program and remind them that the deadline for submissions is October 31
The A.C.E. Member Meeting will be held at Neechi Commons on the second floor, Tuesday, October 8, 2021 at 4:15pm

Everyone welcome.

Find a copy of the Agenda HERE
The A.C.E. Conference Committee would like to thank all those who nominated, accepted a nomination or wrote a letter of support for the 2014 A.C.E. Education Awards.

The Nominations are now closed. The Nomination sub-committee will have their work cut out for them with multiple nominations in most categories.

The recipients will be notified by the end of November.
The Membership Meeting scheduled for this afternoon has been canceled due to lack of quorum.

We are currently looking to fill one Executive position to enable quorum to be met. If you are interested in learning more, please contact the Office, [email protected] or call 1.204.772.2231 or