Services to Members


We have been working on updating our membership information and as of May 24, 2021 we have 190 members listed.

Membership Meetings

ACE Executive continued to have monthly meetings to inform and engage members this year meeting a total of 8 times throughout the school year. We maintained our annual December Christmas dinner and year-end Fish Fry event for members in June, 2007.


This year we hired a number of people on contract and have been able to employ a coordinator. Marlene Gallagher was our ACE coordinator up until December 2006. Deanna Racette was hired on a three-month term to assist with the ACE conference and other Professional development and administrative duties. We now have Val Vint working as our ACE coordinator on an 8-month term contract.


This year we hired YouCanDoThat.com to revise our website as a means to increasing our communication strategy with members. The website will be a main source of communication with members that will allow members access to monthly minutes, newsletters, archives, events, services and other items as they are posted by our ACE coordinator.


No newsletter was produced this year for ACE, nonetheless we continued to disseminate information through mass email distribution. We have numerous requests come in to ACE to also distribute relevant information to members.