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Mission Statement & Guiding Principles

Goals and Objectives

The Aboriginal Circle of Educators is a network of Aboriginal educators that provide opportunitites for healing the circle among all people involved in the education of Aboriginal children.

The Aboriginal Circle of Educators is guided by the following principles:

  • Aboriginal Children are our future.
  • The learning environment must reflect the needs of Aboriginal children and their diverse backgrounds.
  • Facilitators of learning for Aboriginal children demonstrate respect in order to develop relationships and learning.
  • Teachers of Aboriginal decent assume the right to be practitioners of Aborigial education and leadership.
  • To foster the development of culturally appropriate curriculum.
  • To advocate for the total integration of Aboriginal perspecitves in all areas of the curriculum.
  • To provide opportunities for personal and professional development in the areas of Aboriginal education.
  • To encourage and support Aboriginal educators towards leadership positions in the area of education.
  • To provide opportunities to develop leadership skills in Aboriginal educators.
  • To liaise and promote positive relations in community members and organizations who are involved in the education of Aboriginal children.

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